stentofon_serverWith AlphaCom XE intercom audio servers, flexibility is key. You can have just a few or thousands of users spread around different locations. Thanks to its open, modular design and scalable architecture, AlphaCom XE has the flexibility to grow with your business and adapt to your long term needs. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.

The stentofon_turbine_mini_intercomTMIS-1 IP Turbine Mini intercom station is robust and designed for indoor use. This station is typically used as a communication, information or emergency point and connects directly to the IP network, making it easy to deploy anywhere and at any distance. All IP stations in the Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine series utilize the latest technology to create unparalleled audio quality. Some of the many features include: HD voice quality, Open Duplex, Active Noise Cancellation, MEMS microphone, and a Class D amplifier.

stentofon_exigo_controllerThe Exigo PA System Controller is designed for use in marine/offshore and onshore environments. The construction is extremely robust and can handle mobile environments as well as stationary, temperature controlled rooms. The system controller is based on IP technology, giving it extreme flexibility, superb audio quality and huge integration possibilities. The system controller handles routing and prioritization of up to 32 simultaneous audio channels in the system.

stentofon_pa_panelThe EAPFX-1 is a rugged PA access panel, developed for harsh offshore environments and hazardous areas. The antistatic plastic housing withstands corrosion from the most common corrosive gasses and compounds found in this type of environment. The access panel features one fully programmable button, which can be used to manually initiate fire alarms, gas alarms or any other action in the Exigo system. The access panel is fully digital, and connects to the Exigo system over a single-pair cable. The access panel is fully monitored to ensure detection of any fault which may compromise the system’s functionality.

atlas_intercomAtlas Sound’s VPCS Series 3-gang intercom systems (Patent applied for) provide superior intelligibility for one or two-way communication in high-security applications. Units are designed for installation in detention, correctional, and institutional facilities. VPCS intercom stations are also ideal for use in high-risk public-access spaces such as hallways, lobbies, and parking garages. Units withstand abuse, moisture, corrosion, dust, vibration, and temperature extremes from -10° to 150° F

atlas_call_boxThe CE-2A-PT features a standard, neutral color handset with a chrome hookswitch, and brushed stainless steel plate. The hookswitch is a leaf type with cross bar palladium contacts for long-life and trouble-free operation. Model CE-2A has a flexible coil cord with factory-installed pushbutton switch located conveniently on the handset. Configuration is ideal for use in relay-control, pushto-call, and a variety of other switch, communication, and signaling applications.

atlas_paThe versatile Atlas Sound TSD-RL21 2×1 mic/line mixer is ideal for applications where paging, public address, and BGM music is required. Use as a standalone remote mixer or in conjunction with Atlas Sound power amplifiers in applications such as conference center meeting rooms, football stadiums, gymnasiums, retail/hospitality or other areas requiring versatile, multi-source mix control.

atlas_speakerAtlas Sound’s FAP62T coaxial ceiling speaker package will satisfy the needs of owners, architects, contractors, and consultants by delivering true, high fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and easy-to-install system. These high-performance systems are perfectly suited for many business music and public address applications. Compact profile enclosures and wide dispersion make the FAP62T a perfect choice for low ceilings. Attractive press-fit grille blends seamlessly into contemporary architecture.

aiphone_ixseriesThe IX Series is a network-based communication and intercom system featuring video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations, and paging. All units and apps in the systems can unlock doors remotely on a network, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a PoE network. The system is scalable and easy to expand – mix and match an infinite (∞) number of door units, master stations, and speakers.

aiphone_callboxThe LE-DA is a weather resistant, flush mount door station with a stainless steel faceplate. It flush mounts to a two-gang electric box or surface mounts using the SBX-2G. The LE-DA provides communication and call-in.  Its sturdy, all-weather construction makes it a perfect fit for many outdoor applications. Stainless steel construction coupled with silicone-insulated electronics ensure a long lifespan and increased value.


The IX-MV is an IP addressable video master station with a 3.5″ color LCD monitor. It can be wall or desk mounted (desk stand included). The IX-MV offers handset (duplex) and hands-free (VOX/PTT) communication and call up to 500 other IX units. It connects directly to a network using CAT-5e/6 cable. This station requires a 802.3af compliant power-over-ethernet network.  This unit gives the advantage of visual confirmation when addressing someone through the intercom.

aiphone_imseriesThe IM Series is a security window system that provides hands-free communication between a customer and an employee on opposite sides of bullet proof glass. The system uses a speaker driver and acoustic tubing to provide communication without compromising the integrity of the glass. Keep your employees safe and enjoy crystal clear conversations with the IM series.

bosch_adamADAM Full-Size RTS Modular Matrix Intercom.  The full-size ADAM matrix supports up to 272 + ports with a single 7RU frame and ADAM can be linked to configure multi-frame systems of up to 880 ports. ADAM frames support the widest variety of audio interface cards in the industry, including AIO, RVON VoIP, Omneo and MADI.

bosch_vlinkRTS Matrix VLink is a new, fully interconnected software application that enables remote users to interface with RTS matrix intercoms, allowing an unprecedented degree of control and flexibility from anywhere in the world.

bosch_rts_two_wireBosch RTS Two-Wire intercom systems have been the industry standard “can’t fail” communications system for over 30 years. Our 2-channel on standard microphone cable technology offers users a distinct competitive advantage. With countless installations in Studio Broadcast, Remote Production, Board Rooms, Theaters, Arenas, Stadiums, Training Facilities and many venues, we have the time proven technology that professionals rely on to stay connected.

bosch_kpThe new KP-Series is future-proof and so is your communication. The unparalleled flexibility features automatic hardware recognition plus the open source technology of OMNEO, so you get full backward compatibility and easy scalability.  The new keypanels feature two echo cancellation modes, plus quick AD/DA conversion – ensuring ultra-low latency and reducing noise, echo, delay and other malfunctions found in older technologies.


Intercom systems are a good security measure for nearly any commercial business, and they are especially necessary for schools, hospitals and government buildings.  Intercom systems can deter potential illegal activity by alerting intruders that they must identify themselves before entering your building. Additionally, your building will always be protected from potential vandals and thieves who may have the intention of committing a crime in the future.  Intercoms are a good way to identify access points of your building that are restricted. Many organizations use them as a way for visitors to announce their presence and request to meet with someone specific. They may also be implemented into elevators, which will stay grounded until special permission is given to those identifying themselves. Integrate your intercoms with video technology gives you an extra layer of protection.